Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Scribblings- Out of this World

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When it comes to life, how can there still be people around who seriously believe we are all there is to it in this vast Universe of ours? We are such a small part, it would be a total waste if ours was the only planet where this experiment of life took place. The idea is also hard to swallow, statistically speaking.

Some people are highly offended by such thoughts. Some people steadfastly maintain that Earth is it, that there is nothing more. We are God's creation. Why? On what grounds do they assert this with such ferocity?

Why do we need to feel like we are the center of the Universe? Why do we need to feel so unique, so special? Isn't the wonder of life special enough in and of itself? Why do we need to warp what is large and unfathomable? Why do we need to hammer it down so it fits into the small mold of our mind?

I don't know if there is a creator or not. There are lots of arguments pitting evolution against religion. Who says the two need to be mutually exclusive? Science is not concerned with spirituality or morals. Why should religion concern itself with explaining the physical realm?

Science doesn't have all the answers. Science seeks to explain the tangible, the physical. It changes; theories are revised in light of new discoveries. Scientists seek to deepen our understanding every day. What is wrong with that? What is wrong with trying to learn more about everything? Why is pushing the boundaries of what we know so anathema to some people? Why are some people incapable of seeking answers outside the confines of a Book?


  1. Terrific thoughts. I'm always amazed at the 'only me' mindset that runs rampant on this planet. Enjoyed your insightful post!

  2. With a billion trillion suns, perhaps the majority of them with planetary systems (although not necessarily planet conducive to the development of life), how could we be so self-centered as to think that we are unique?

    In other words I agree with you. I am overwhelmed by the awesome and infinite vastness of the universe.

  3. I always think about the endless possibilities of the vast universe!

    debris of our making

  4. Wow! I'm so happy I found you! Meeting other Puerto Ricans is always like finding two of the same-shaped-shells in a vast ocean! From one Boricua to another -cheers! I was just in San Antonio, Texas for an art exhibit that I had there. I love your post - your questions are insightful and tap into the very nature of human limitations both within one self and without as a part of a greater community and planet.
    It reminded me of Melville's words 'We sharpen the very knives that slay us..."
    I hope I get to exchange with you again in the future! -marisol

  5. ¡Hola, Marisol! Thanks for coming. I love finding other Puerto Ricans on the web.

    What kind of art do you make?

  6. and you thought you had lost your muse.

    excellent post.

    This is the Ingrid I know and love.

  7. This could not have been more eloquently said. I agree with you on all points. Excellent!