Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I saw my doctor today

My doctor said she has seen so many women in my age group suffering the same symptoms I do. She strongly suspects it is due to hormonal changes in my body, so she wants to do testing to measure my levels of estrogen, testosterone and the others associated with the reproductive system, as well as thyroid antibodies. She said that sometimes the thyroid hormone levels may come back looking normal and there might still be a problem, so they measure thyroid antibodies to check for possible autoimmune thyroid disease. In the meantime, she prescribed Xanax to use only as needed (in case I have anxiety attacks).

She agrees with my assessment that I am suffering from pre-diabetes rather than diabetes. Still, she says that the treatment would be similar. She recommended I take Metformin, and explained the benefits of it. She also said I need to eat accordingly and monitor my blood sugar twice a day. And she shared some information on a healthy diet for diabetics. The last few months I have done absolutely nothing to take care of myself or eat healthy, so it is going to take a lot of effort to try to put myself back on track.

Today I feel a lot better. Maybe it due to physical reasons. Maybe it is knowing that someone is looking after me and taking steps to take care of myself. Maybe it is because I am working from home today, but I am not experiencing the panic attacks and uncontrollable crying of the last few days. I am far from cured, though.


  1. She sounds like a good doc, Ingrid. All of the things she mentioned can cause terrible psychological distress and need to be ruled out, or at least managed...

  2. Oh Ingrid...I read your last 4 posts and I empathize completely. You seem overwhelmed but unsure by what exactly--and that is an awful feeling for sure. I wouldn't be surprised if it is your thyroid: that pesky little gland ruins EVERYTHING if it gets the least bit out of whack (I'm living proof)

    I want to say something positive & reassuring but I don't want to belittle what you are going through...So, I'll just offer you my hopes that this dark time soon passes.

    xxoo Ana