Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Llueve, detrás de los cristales llueve y llueve

It has been raining today. As I work at my dining room table I can see the raindrops roll down the glass windows. I could not help but remember the song "Balada de Otoño" by Joan Manuel Serrat. I will always love Joan Manuel Serrat. This is one of my favorite songs. I have listened to this song since I was too young to remember.

Sometimes I wonder if I would have turned out different, less prone to sadness, if the music I listened to growing up was of a different mood. There was such delicious melancholy in most of what my mom listened to, and it has definitely informed my aesthetic.

I am making tea with herbs from my garden (peppermint and stevia) plus a stick of cinammon. I love the smell. I am experimenting with things that can help lower my blood sugar or keep it in check. Yesterday I did not exercise (I reluctantly let my body rest), and my fasting blood sugar this morning was higher than average.


  1. Well, that song is just fabulous. I think that music can affect our moods for sure. I am prone to melancholy and grew up listening to a lot of Scottish folk music which can be very dour. But the bottom line is, I think you are quite a sensitive person, so you feel things deeply. Nothing wrong with that at all. I belive if we were all a little more sensitive, the world wouldn't be in such a state. Take care.

  2. Is it possible to buy some really dark bread there.

    Helps a lot with blood sugar swings.

  3. I never heard that song before. LOVED IT. Thanks for posting it