Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday evening

I made some baked Tilapia for dinner, with a jalapeño sauce, served over whole wheat couscous and with a baby spinach salad on the side.

At least that is what I ate. Paula had french fries with her fish, and refused to have anything to do with the couscous. Isabel ate an apple, some whole wheat rotini noodles with cheese, and a bit of fries with ketchup.

Gabe is not home yet, but I saved him a plate of fish.

My jeans are getting too big for me, I have to wear a belt or they will fall. They were a bit roomy to begin with, but I guess my belly has gone down enough to make them entirely too big. If I keep going this way, in a few weeks I may need to buy new clothes. It's an exciting prospect, although I hate shopping for clothes.


  1. Sounds like a very lovely meal, and healthy on top of it!

  2. It was good. I like Tilapia a lot. It has a very mild flavor and it cooks fairly quick, so meals are ready sooner.

  3. Wao, felicitaciones por tus logros. ¡Claro que se puede! Y vas a ver cómo cada vez te sientes mejor por dentro y por fuera.

    Un abrazo,


  4. Shopping is TORTURE. But, buying new clothes for your new skinny body is awesome news! See! Its WORKING!!!

    Im sooooooooooooo happy for you.

    And the next time you make that for dinner? I am coming OVER!!

  5. Well, I think I still have an amazingly long way to go before I lose enough inches to go out and get a new wardrobe. But I bought a new pair of jeans online, and I can't wait to get them.