Monday, August 25, 2008

You gotta eat

Today was Paula's first day of school. It is also my first day back physically in the office since August 1st. I was very busy in the morning, and did not have my coffee until more than an hour after my normal time. I also did not have breakfast in time, and wound up packing my breakfast to eat at the office. I got pretty busy upon my arrival, and did not realize I had forgotten to eat breakfast until way past 9:30 AM, when I started to feel lightheaded, hot in the face, and getting blurred vision. A quick blood glucose check showed 165. Damn it! Since then I had my breakfast, followed by a snack sometime later. Now it's 12:40 AM and I am eating my lunch. The blood sugar level has normalized, but my vision is still a bit blurred.

The lesson today is, eat my meals at regular times with no exceptions. Do not skip them, do not delay them. Another lesson, skipping a meal can actually make my blood sugar go up, instead of down.

Based on my experience today as well as last week, I am starting to wonder if my decision to not take Metformin was well-intentioned, but misguided. Maybe I need to start looking at myself as a diabetic, not a prediabetic. I called my doctor's office to ask when is my next appointment, because I need to talk to her about this.


  1., please see your doctor again. Soon!

    you are making me very nervous over here!

  2. Ouch. That's pretty much what happens here too. Let me add short-tempered and shaky. At the end I also get a splitting headache.

    Yes, we gotta eat regularly.

  3. I haven't gotten shaky yet, Amanda. Probably because I have not had any low sugar episodes.

    Meleah, don't worry. I will be OK. I misbehaved Sunday night at family dinner and I think that is what caused the high blood sugar in the morning, together with not eating breakfast on time. It is all a learning process and I am confident that it will work. Were I to have a really high blood sugar metric (like over 200), I would definitely reconsider and start the meds. I am seeing my doctor on September 15.

  4. Okay. Keep me posted. I feel better after reading your comment.

  5. Thanks for the concern, though. I feel the love, and I appreciate it.