Tuesday, December 02, 2008


I am in Anaheim California. I landed at the OC Airport yesterday. I am not impressed at all by what I have seen so far. There is a thick blanket of smog/smoke covering everything. I saw it from the sky as the plane made its descent. Yuck. I hope my asthma does not flare up.

Yesterday Gabe and I have talked on the phone several times. I also talked to Paula, who told me she missed me, and to Isabel, who said she wanted me to come home and sleep on my bed next to daddy. I miss them all.

I am on Houston time still. I woke up at 4 AM. Today I do four training sessions. I have stage fright.


  1. Que tengas mucho éxito, Ingrid. Todo saldrá bien. Luego nos cuentas.

    Un abrazo,

    I. Enid

  2. How long are you there? I drive in tomorrow!

  3. I am here until Thursday morning. I have been doing training sessions or in meetings ALL THE TIME.

    Last night our Marketing VP took us out to a really nice restaurant here. Other than that, I have been working hard.

  4. Hoping all went well on your business trip.