Wednesday, June 13, 2007

OK, so some exercise might in order

I am starting to realize that, just as my body needs a good jumpstart, my mind does too.

I thought my only area of opportunity (business term for flaw) was my astonishing lack of muscular tone. But it turns out that my brain is getting sluggish too. The fact that this did not dawn on me until today is unequivocal proof of my rapidly decreasing brain capacity for anything unrelated to PC market dynamics or toddler-appropriate cartoons.

When it comes to my body, it goes without saying that I am tired of being this, for lack of a better word, blob. I am sick of the dreaded "so how far along are you" question. She's two and a half years old, people! I'm not pregnant, I just have a belly, damn it!

But I am too lazy, too unmotivated, or too tired to get myself in physical shape. Every year I start going to the Y for a few months, and every year I stop. When the hell is the habit going to stick? Bad habits never have trouble sticking around. I bet you if I pick up a cigarrette right now, by tomorrow I'll be right back where I was two years ago when I quit. Why can't I hop on a treadmill and be back where I was when I did the Race for the Cure last year?

It might be easier to exercise my brain. But it is also infinitely trickier. By the time I get home every evening, I am mentally exhausted and incapable of any witty banter, so any intelligent conversation on current events is out. And what exactly entails to exercise my brain? Should I start doing crossword puzzles, like the AARP crowd? I have never been a fan and I am not worried about Alzheimer's (yet). So I pass. Should I load up on Omega 3? It could not hurt. I read frequently, as much as my family and schedule allow. A few books a month, some magazines. I suppose I could try to increase my reading, or tweak with the mix between uplifting content and mindless crap in my reading material. You know, more National Geographic, less Star Magazine. More Los Pasos Perdidos, less Dresden Files.

Should I swear off the Internet entirely? No, I think that the Internet is my ally in this process. I have a known and familiar territory that I roam constantly. I just need to venture out of my borders more often.


  1. I hear you! I definitely have a hard time getting into the exercise groove. I always find some excuse to put it off. As for the mind, I watch the Today show, does that count? Actually at work sometimes I have to think. And I read a lot.
    And we play a lot of strategy games- Chinese checkers, Blokus.

  2. Hugs. I can sooo relate! Sudoku has become a good frined of mine... it seems to keep me sharp - now if I could just find more time for my bike... sigh...

  3. A lot of times, the internet is the only way I get any brain excercise. I try to find things that challenge and stimulate me and don't just fit in my comfort zone.

    As for the physical excercise - eh, you won't find any good advice from me. I haven't worked out since two weeks after I found out I was pregnant. With Dacey.