Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Blah Days

Most days I like to think that life is worth living, that no matter what crap we are subjected to by scumbags public and private, walking this earth and having the chance to live and love is a wonderful gift. On days like that I believe in the potential for change and improvement, and dream of an utopian future where we have conquered many of the inequities and injustices that plague our modern societies. Yeah, I know, I think I may have watched too many Star Treck: The Next Generation reruns.

Then there are days like today, when I am neither happy nor sad, mainly bored and apathetic. On days like this I notice pain and suffering in my fellow bloggers' posts, and I feel powerless to help. How I wish sometimes that I could swiftly wipe away their problems with a blink of my eyes or a wiggle of my nose.

Among the family deaths, suicidal confessions and the people being kicked while they are down, there is one piece of good news from my friend and fellow poster Shannon. Not everything sucks, at least.


  1. I am glad that I am not the only who feels this way.

    I certainly hope that my situation and blogs and such haven't been too much of a downer! That was one helluva past couple of days. At least I resolved that particular issue (you know what I am referring to)

    And I see you are a fellow trekster. And I see that message in TNG a lot too. I say Picard for President 2008 :o)

  2. many hugs for you Ingrid. I do feel blessed that I do not share your emotions this way. I can't imagine it...but I do care that you feel this way, and wish that I could bring you some joy today!

  3. Thanks, Corey. There really isn't anything going wrong for me today. But there's other people not doing so well right now and I feel for them.

  4. yep. sometimes things are just blah.

    i feel the same way about some of my favorite bloggers when I know they are down and sad, or having a hard time.

    Its amazing how I can feel so much compassion for people I dont "really" know.