Thursday, October 25, 2007


It's work, what else?

Incredible stress, deadlines piling up, people pulling at me from all directions, having to do wonders with limited feedback, bracing myself for a face to face presentation to our SVP tomorrow, the first time I ever meet with him for a review.

I stopped for a second to breathe. I am thinking of people who are having a hard time also. JW's husband relapsed. There are people in California still at the mercy of the wildfire. And many more things that I can't even fathom because I have to go back to fixing other people's bullets.


  1. i know that feeling... had quite a few days of it here myself... breathe in...breathe out... one task at a time.... you'll get thru it....

  2. Dear Ingrid, one thing at a time. You'll get everything done. I promise :)

  3. I feel the SAME way about my god-awful JOB.

    Focus on the task at hand, and go at your own pace.

    (easier said than done...I know)

  4. Not to get totally off topic, but look at all those dimples in that picture! That's something to be grateful for...two pairs of fabulous dimples. Four dimples in a row!

  5. Thanks. How was today for you and Mr. Junky?