Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Yesterday I was reading a post on Freakonomics and it depressed me. Not the quoted Craigslist ad from the so-called gold-digger, but the answer from the supposed investor, and especially some of the comments and reader postulations that followed the thread. Reading several of these got me in a funk. Some of the comments belied such a transactional view of marriage that it just sickened me. And the sexism that was so rampant in a lot of the comments made by males apalled me.


  1. I think you are reading the response wrong, and Levitt doesn't help any.

    The response is meant to be funny and tongue-in-cheek and meant to educate the misguided efforts of the original request from the woman. It is meant to show the cold reality of what this woman is asking for and is extremely well written. She got what she asked for. I don't think this guy would seriously entertain any offers from this woman. He is basically saying that marriage is not something to be decided based on economics. Levitt awkwardly says this too but he shouldn't have to because the guy's response does this fine. Read his response like poetry and it makes more sense.

    I didn't bother reading comments to Levitt's article so I can't comment on them.

  2. Could be, I will go back and reread the response. The comments were the worst. I can't say there was much sarcam there. But I should know better than to get upset over comments on popular sites.