Thursday, October 11, 2007

Random thoughts

The boundaries between the sane and the insane are not as as clearly delimited as most people would like to believe. Many times, people's capacity for impulse control and keeping the appearance of normality make the difference between being labeled mentally ill and just being stressed out or overwhelmed.

The term insane has been traditionally used to ascribe negative value and condemn that which is different from established social norms. Established social norms are not monolithic. They vary depending on the place and evolve throughout history.


  1. For me, the boundary between sane and insane is that very thin line my toes curl up next to, while the voice in my head says, "you won't let yourself crossover... will you?" Sometimes the urge can be so strong that it takes everything I can do to pull on the cloak of normality and function. I wonder if most people feel this way at times.

  2. I would venture to say that a whole lot more people feel that way than care to admit.