Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Three Word Wednesday

This week's words are:


I will continue the word association mode that worked a few posts back.

Feather: Many things come to mind when I think of the word feather. I think first of cheap and tacky feather dusters with hot pink feathers, such as we used when I was a kid and our family owned a little store at the local mall. I miss our little store. We had to close it because business was not going well, but we spent many happy days there and it was one of the things that kept us together as a family. Then I think of beautiful writing instruments, and classic works written using quills. The first one that comes to mind is Don Quijote de la Mancha, and the classic portrait of Miguel de Cervantes with that elaborate white collar around his neck. Last, I think of peacocks. When I graduated from elementary school in sixth grade, we had our ceremony at the Caribe Hilton Hotel. Back then they used to have a couple of peacocks roaming the grounds of the hotel. I was fascinated and spent quite some time trailing them. I was the valedictorian of my sixth grade class, if there is such a thing. My grandma helped me write my speech for graduation day. I miss my grandma, she was such an awesome human being. I think the older I get, the more I am longing for my childhood past. But I digress.

Misplaced: Everything in my house is misplaced or gets misplaced at one time or another. I live in a chaos of clutter. It drives me nuts, especially all the papers and junk mail that accumulates. How I long to just have it gone from my life. Thanks to Three Word Wednesday, that may just be in the cards. I just went to the Direct Marketers Association website and filled out an online form to stop all this junk mail from coming to my house.

Useless: This is an embarassing confession. The most useless piece of equipment that I have ever bought was an Ab Energizer I bought off HSN in 2001. I can't believe I still consider myself an intelligent human being when I fell for such a load of crapola, but I guess everybody wants to believe in quick, easy fixes despite the mountains of evidence to the contrary. It turns out that the FTC sued the makers of the Ab Energizer for false advertising and got a $2 Million settlement, of which $1.4 M were for "customer redress". It's funny, but I have not gotten any compensation yet. I guess I have only myself to blame. Sucker!


  1. Thanks for the giggle, I love your spin!

  2. Clever post! I like the way you used each word to mark an event. About the ab thingy - I, too, have several instances of being hoodwinked and you're right about not getting any part of the settlement. Fun read!

  3. I love these Three Word Wednesday posts. I was drinking coffee when I read the last one and almost lost it. Too cute! That part about the settlement sucks though. But, if your hubby is anything like mine he will find a use for it. When things like that sit for a while at my house it gets dissected (LOL)

  4. A very clever and original use of 3WW! I love it. Don't feel too much like a sucker... we've all been taken in by appetizing promises!
    Very fun read.

  5. Love the whole word association thing. Never thought of it

  6. Great idea for the prompt. I think everyone has useless stuff around somewhere.



  7. what the hell is an ab energizer??? this was a great associative post.....

  8. Cool I like the word association thing.
    And LOL @ Ab Energizer!

  9. I always find these fun :)

    And now I'm going to be picturing Cervantes most of the night, lol.

  10. Those commercials are SO realistic, though. I know exactly what you mean.

    I HATE clutter but live with a pack rat, so I grit my teeth a lot.

    And I LOVE the new photo. What I would give to have hair so shiny!!

    Lovely. Both of you.

  11. Loved this post! Thanks for the laughs.

  12. You make good use of the words this way, I enjoy reading your posts!

  13. I think of a feather quill pen like they used in olden days. How magnificent it must have been to pen a letter with one of those.

    I'm with you on the junk mail. And your Ab Energizer story cracked me up.

  14. Thanks for sharing such wonderful insights into your life with this 3WW word association. I especially liked the last one.

    My 3WW is up now if you would like to view it.