Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tu recuerdo

Reader and fellow Carolina, PR native, Enid, left a comment on my recent post about Chambao's Pokito a poko song, telling me about Ricky Martin's song Tu recuerdo, a duet with the singer from Chambao. Diligently, I got the song and listened to it.

I was a bit skeptical at first because I have not been enamored of Ricky Martin's stuff after the time of Vuelve. The whole English language, Vida Loca/She Bangs period was just strange. But I gave the song a try because Enid said it combined different musical styles. Since last Saturday I have been listening to it obsessively. The song is good, but I know that what gets me more than anything else is the sound of the Puerto Rican cuatro. At times, as I listened to it tears rolled down my cheeks and my thoughts would take me back to one of my favorite places in the word, the area around the Puerta de San Juan, the beautiful song of our national instrument definitely striking a chord (pun intended) and making me long for home.


  1. Wow! Qué bueno que te gustó mi recomendación. Esa parte del cuatro es bella, ¿verdad? El que toca la guitarra es Tommy Torres y el cuatrista es Christian Nieves, un joven músico de Naranjito. Gracias por mencionarme en tu blog. Del jueves en adelante te voy a leer desde Londres, voy para allá de vacaciones. ¡Hasta luego!

    Un abrazo,


  2. El muchacho del cuatro es bien talentoso. Gracias por haberme contado sobre la canción. He disfrutado mucho escuchándola.

    Que la pases bien en Londres, qué maravilla.

  3. I can hear the longing in your heart... and in your words... for home. I hope a visit is possible for you in the very near future!

  4. Leaving home should come with a "return free anytime" card, shouldn't it?! :-)

  5. Ingrid; No nos conocemos. Mi nombre es Javier, y te encontre haciendo un websearch de Christian Nieves, coincidentalmente. Soy boricua, y vivo en Houston, TX. Te enterastes del Festival Puertorriqueno y Cubano, que se hizo en Houston/downtown, en septiembre 22, 2007?
    Yo tambien soy de Naranjito. javier@vitalismedicalspa.com es mi correo. Gracias!