Saturday, October 27, 2007

Where are they?

Someone else from my blogging circle (I can't remember who) asked about Seiche recently. His blog link is down. Does anybody know what's going on with him? Is he OK? I always enjoy reading his posts and I hope he's just taking a break and will be back.

I also miss Wolfgang, who has been so busy lately with work. I hope he is doing OK.


  1. I've asked all around about Seiche too, nobody seems to know anything. His email address is also shut down. SIGH, I wish he would have at least posted a goodbye, and I hope he's doing well. I miss Wolfie too, but we know he has his hands full with life and the new jobs right now. Hopefully, he'll be back among us soon? Funny how attached we get to our fellow bloggers, isn't it, and very cool!

  2. It's cool, but also so fragile. We may never know what happened to Seiche.