Thursday, July 31, 2008


Yeaterday I had my appointment for follow up tests as a result of my mammogram.

I saw the purported abnormal densities that showed up in the original test. There they were, two dark spots on one breast, one in the other. I was scheduled to have a spot compression and a breast ultrasound. Luckily, the spot compression test cleared any concerns over the so-called densities, and I was told by the radiologist to go home, that there was no need to do the ultrasound. I expect that my doctor will get the results either today or tomorrow.

Instead of a celebratory post, this is a bittersweet one. While I am very happy and relieved by my results, last night I found out that one of my "mommy board" friends, Suzy, was diagnosed with breast cancer yesterday. She will undergo surgery and lose one of her breasts. She will also have to take three courses of chemo. My heart goes out to her, for she is about to embark in the fight of her life.

My mother survived breast cancer. I am hopeful that Suzy will come out on top of this too.


  1. I'm so relieved for you Ingrid. My best wishes for Suzy.

    My mother is a breast-cancer survivor too. I've already had a (benign) lump taken out.

  2. Thank you, Amanda.

    We are all rooting for Suzy. There are over 30 of us fellow "mommy board" friends who are planning something special to show our support.

  3. Mis pensamientos positivos y mejores deseos para tu amiga Suzy. Ojalá todo salga bien, se recupere y pueda seguir adelante con su vida.

    Un abrazo,


  4. I am very relived to hear THIS news. I am terribly sad for your friend. I cant imagine what she is going through.

  5. Glad your tests came out clean. So very sorry to hear about Suzy. My thoughts are with her.

  6. Thank God you are OK. It scared me when I started to read this. One of the girls who reads my blog has just found out she has breast cancer. She is having surgery next week. She doesn't want to talk about it on her own blog but has been emailing me. I feel for her so much because she is only 28. It is very scary. I am so glad you are fine. I will also be praying for Suzy.