Monday, November 13, 2006

I hate Mondays

Yes, I know the title is a cliche, but there is nothing that sums up my feelings better than that.
It's 8:40 AM Monday morning. I am sick. Whatever Isa had, she gave to me and now I feel awful. My throat is sore, scratchy and in pain, especially on my right side; my lymph nodes are swollen and my ears are numb. My whole head feels numb. I feel extremely tired too. I called in sick, because it's not a good idea for me to show at the office like this. But I hate calling in sick on Mondays. I always feel like they are not going to believe me.

I was not online at all this weekend, which is rare for me. We spent the weekend at the godforsaken timeshare up in Conroe that I once made the foolish decision to get into. We left Friday night and came back Sunday night. We had a good time, although I had to sit at a stupid meeting where the timeshare people kept trying to get me to upgrade my crappy, blue-period, even-years only timeshare. They went as far as to admit that I had, indeed, entered into a very crappy deal before. So what is their solution? [CAREFUL, FOUL LANGUAGE AHEAD] Spend more money on us! We fucked you, and now you should let us fuck you again, on an even grander scale!

Needless to say, I told them they were full of crap and left. Gabe thought I handled it well and said he was surprised I had been sucked into a timeshare to begin with, that I must have changed a lot since then. And so I have, I guess. Five years ago I had a hard time saying no to people, so after being subjected to a very hard sales push, I gave in. I am not falling for that again. I have learned from my mistake.

At least the stay at the cabin was good. It is in a wooded area and we enjoyed it. We invited my in-laws and on Sunday we grilled some steaks and cooked potatoes. We were close to the outlet mall at Conroe, so Gabe bought a pair of shoes and I bought Isa a Xmas dress for pictures. We were also close to a Crackelbarrel, so we went there for breakfast twice. Check out Isabel riding the cute rocking horse we saw at the store, and helping herself to orange slices for breakfast.

The resort has an indoor pool that is heated so we took the girls for a swim. It was the highlight of the weekend. But I think that may have precipitated my sickness, as it was deathly cold getting back to the cabin from the pool all wet like that. I'm going to crawl back into bed now.


  1. Oh no... I'm sorry you got The Cold. How dreadful. I hope you're feeling at least a bit better today.

  2. At first I was going to ask what on EARTH is in Conroe that there are even timeshares there?!?! But then I remembered the Piney Woods and I guess I can see that. Actually, a weekend away in the woods sounds delightful to me right now. I am sorry you got the cold though. Bleh.

  3. It's the lake and the woods.

    I hate the timeshare with a passion.