Sunday, July 15, 2007

The aforementioned pork chop

Dinner was great! I am always so pleased when something I cook turns out good and pleases people. Gabe loved it.


  1. OOOOOH Ingrid, that looks YUMMY!!!!

  2. That looks amazing! I must know how you did that... yum!

    And, yeah, next time give me a call - I'll be there!

  3. It not even 9am, and that photo just made my stomach rumble. DAMN that looks delicious.

    Also, I love the "all aboard" shot to the right. Brilliant.

  4. tin, marín, de dos pingüé

    cúcara, mácara, títere fue.

    Saludos Ingrid, has sido infectada por el MeMe.

    Para mas información ver mi articulo titulado 8 cosas sobre Wilfredo.