Friday, July 20, 2007

Laughing my ass off, but with a warm feeling inside

Adfreak has a note today about the practice of Rick Rolling. I guess I had not heard of it before because normally I don't click on links I receive via e-mail, especially from people I do not know.

I think it's genius, though. I can just imagine the reaction of the unsuspecting victims when they click on what they think is the latest gamer news or the hottest chicks/dudes, only to encounter this.

I watched the video, one I was very familiar with from my college years. One part of me was laughing out loud at the dorky dance moves, low production values, and questionable fashion choices. Another part of me was in sheer disbelief that I once could not get enough of this song/video. Still another part of me got all misty eyed and reminisced about the good old late 80's.


  1. This song brings back so many memories. I'm definitely going to forward the link to my dad. He loved this song in the 80's. Rick's long coat...the hair...thanks for giving me some inspiration to get all nostalgic today. I love remembering the 80's!!

  2. Ugh... Another Rick Astley song was "Together Forever" and when I was dating this girl in high school, it was "our song." Horrible, horrible, horrible...