Friday, July 13, 2007


Yesterday's word at Word Imperfect was muniment. My proposed definition was as follows.

Muniment: a statue built entirely out of shell casings.

Today there is a poll on the site. Voters will choose their favorite made-up definition out of three chosen by the Word Imp, keeper of the blog. I made it to the final three. The other definitions chosen for the poll were:

Muniment; A very short moment in time." If you would just hold on. I'll be there in a muniment" (submitted by Pami Sami)

A muniment is a signature characteristic of a city or any municipality. San Francisco's muniment is the Golden Gate Bridge, Sydney's muniment is the Opera House, and Los Angeles' muniment is the traffic. (submitted by Sonnjea B)

If you like my definition, will you vote for me today?