Monday, July 16, 2007

Pretty prints

Aren't these beautiful? I found them on Etsy. I had never been to Etsy and was not particularly planning to purchase anything. But my friend Stephanie posted on our mommy board about her new storefront in Etsy (she will stock the store sometime next week), and once I was there I just started browsing.

When I saw these prints I fell in love, so I ordered them. I honestly don't know what am I going to do with them or where I will display them. I just liked them and knew I wanted to have them.

The artist's name is Yumi Yumi (Aline) and besides her store at Etsy, she keeps a blog, where she posts her newest creations. So now I have one more place to check out.


  1. Careful, mama! Etsy is almost as addicting as blogging! ;)

  2. They're heavenly. Yep, once you start browsing etsy, it's hard not to buy something - so many beautiful things!

  3. Oh, those are gorgeous.

    Most excellent purchase.