Saturday, July 07, 2007


We spent the night up in a cabin at the Conroe timeshare place. It was so nice and cool up there. We slept like babies. It was a wonderful coincidence to have my free weekend come up just as the A/C broke down.

I called the A/C guy as soon as we woke up. Well, the motor on the inside unit is broken and it is not covered by warranty. Yikes! He told me they were looking for the part and finding out how much it costs, and that he would call me back with the details later. Of course, as soon as I hang up I start stressing over the fact that this might cost me an arm and a leg, and I don't have any money to pay for this repair. But what are we going to do, it needs to be done. We can't live in Texas in the middle of summer without a functioning A/C unit, especially my polar bear of a husband.

Well, there was no use sitting around waiting for the next call, so we got dressed and went for breakfast at Crackerbarrel. Isabel ate oatmeal, she loves it.

While we were having breakfast, the A/C guy called again. The part costs about $273, which is a lot less than I feared, and manageable. Charge! We drove down to the house and I am waiting for him to come by and do the repair, so we can go back to the cabin up in Conroe. We are planning to do some grilling tonight, and go to the indoor pool with Isabel. In the meantime, I am surfing the web and checking out my favorite blogs.


  1. I'm glad it worked out to be less than you thought! Have a great time grilling & swimming tonight!

  2. Yay! So glad to hear that! HAve a wonderful weekend!

  3. Glad the A/C repair didn't break the bank!!

  4. HOpe the repair was quick, and you had a great evening! :)

  5. I can totally understand the sheer madness of not having a/c during the summer in the Hot, HOT heat of the places like we live in! There is not option but to have it fixed, no matter what the cost may be, unfortunately. So very happy it was a reasonable fix!!!

    p.s. the cabin sounds lovely! *am daydreaming of being in a cool cabin setting now, as the outside temp here is 99 degrees at 10:00pm :(*

  6. Ooh a cabin, grilling out and swimming sound soo nice! I hope you enjoyed your weekend! I always fear the A/C is going to go out and it will cost me thousands! So glad your repair wasn't too much! What would we do without A/C?