Sunday, July 15, 2007

The second part of yesterday? Not so amusing

After my post yesterday, I sat down to pay my bills. It was depressing to go through 75% of my paycheck on bills. I am still paying charges from when I was in the hospital in April.

Then I tried to start picking up the master bedroom. Not because I wanted to, but because Gabe egged me on. He had done his part the night before, getting rid of all his old clothes and making the rest of them fit on his side of the closet. So it was my turn. But it did not go well for two reasons. Reason # 1: I got overwhelmed by the mess, and because I wasn't into it, I could not focus. Reason # 2: I got an allergy attack from the dust in certain areas, and by the time I took something it was too late.

My room very much deserves the label disaster zone. There is so much STUFF. There are so many things that do not have room elsewhere in the house. So they end up there. There are children toys and shoes, books and luggage and boxes with documents. Ugh.

Gabe said he is going to work sometime today. Maybe when he is gone I can focus on the room better.

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  1. I hope you can get a little more done with no one around to distract you. Well, I would guess Isa is around and sometimes that can be distracting, right? ;)

    Little by little, you will get there. I have to set small goals for myself or I also cannot handle BIG projects. Just close your eyes and envision what you are working towards - a safe and serene haven for you and Gabe. You'll get there! And big cheers to Gabe for doing his part with no nagging required!!