Sunday, July 15, 2007

Then we went to the movies

Transformers was kind of mediocre, as I expected. It's so obviously a movie built around the specific special effect scenes that the director had in mind. It had good actors in it, especially Shia LaBeouf. But the character development is meager, there were lines of plot that were never fully explored (why even include them?) and the robots were so underutilized, especially the good guy robots. Plus, I don't know if I am getting old or what, but some of the action scenes and battles were pretty confusing.

Wow, I just realized yesterday was a pretty packed day for us.

I don't know how today will be. I am planning to grill the pork chop I bought yesterday, so right now I am making my own croutons and broiling some apples in butter in order to make the stuffing for the pork chop. We only bought one because it's big enough for Gabe and I.

I am undecided as to what to serve the meat with. We have a salad lined up. I bought some baby spinach and we will serve that with walnuts and an orange raspberry chipotle dressing. But I am stumped as to what else we could serve.


  1. Oh, those chops sound DELISH!

    One of my favorite summer side dishes is simple - just cut up some fresh, ripe tomatoes and a cucumber (or two if your family likes them), then salt and pepper them and squeeze a lime or two over it all. Make sure to serve it chilled. Yep - easy and yum!

  2. That sounds yummy, Megan.

    When I was younger I was crazy about eating sliced avocado with lemon and salt on it. Or I would mix it with my rice and beans. Sounds strange but it was delicious. I don't eat avocados much anymore. The ones I can buy in Houston are nothing like what I had growing up.